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We start by seeking to understand. While we are PPC experts, we are not experts of your company or industry. This is an important and necessary first step in establishing early success.

Step 1.


After the research phase, we will then take that knowledge and create initial marketing campaigns and content. Our initial campaigns are created to gather integral data that will be essential to scaling and maximizing profitability.

Step 2.


We will be in your account every day; optimizing everything from keywords to ad content & creative. Multiple team members will be active in improving your campaigns. We’ve found this collaborative approach works best as it encourages new ideas, maximizes growth and mitigates complacency.

Step 3.


As data continues to be gathered and campaigns become profitable for your business, our main focus is to scale existing campaigns and find additional campaigns to dedicate a portion of your budget to. Google Ads is a powerful tool and our end goal is to profitably reach as many potential customers as your products and services will allow.

Step 3.

Frequently asked questions

How Are Google Ads Different than Facebook Ads?

Google ads are so successful because they are geared to leverage intent-based marketing by directing ads at buyers who are ready to convert. This is powerful and is the key factor that separates google ads from other ppc channels.

How Long Does Onboarding Take?

Onboarding takes about one week as we work to research your company/industry and then get all initial campaigns set up and running.

How Much Do You Charge?

We charge a la carte for our services, but our PPC marketing starts at $1500/month. Our contracts are month to month as we are confident in our services and want to continue to prove our worth every month. If you aren’t happy with our work, you shouldn’t be locked into a long-term contract!

How Often Will We Meet and Receive Reporting?

We recommend meeting bi-weekly to start as we work to scale campaigns profitably and establish a strong feedback loop early on. You will receive a comprehensive month end report every month as well that we will go over at our meeting. You are also welcome to call or email whenever you have questions or just want to talk through your account.

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